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Above our desires, lie our senses, above our senses lie us. This code of raja yoga holds infinite knowledge. The randomness and wildness of thoughts is sometimes overwhelming. You have no control as the mind wants to rush in every direction. It happened to me in practice today morning, as it does a lot of times. To tame the…

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A tree

A black hole does not allow any light to escape. So does the retina of the eye. Are the two similar then? Is the smallest and most visible of objects, and the almost never reachable black hole nothing but based on the same principle? Can the solutions to the biggest of mysteries be found in the simplest of things? …

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We are all looking for freedom. Freedom from wanting, freedom from the bondages that come along with the different challenges we enforce upon ourselves. The idea of Yoga, at least what it teaches, is to just base these challenges on the right premise. There will always be struggle, there will always be a battle, there will always be search…

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A world of images

In a world full of images, the only camera you need to bother about is within you. For things to change, you don’t need different landscapes, you just need new eyes. In an obsessive, compulsive and popular search for freedom, we entangle ourselves in ever more traps. Each soul is unique, each ones freedom shall be unique. One is…

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What is an Asana?

How does one define an Asana. I have started struggling with this question. It certainly not is a pose for me anymore. The deeper I delve into my practise the practise becomes more about an innumerable number of transitions, thinking points, co-ordinations, that it simply cannot be defined as pose.

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Immortality and Happiness

What is Immortality? The greatest fear for a majority of us is death, maybe for some it is a fear of failing in the future, a fear of falling behind. The Gita suggests that the Body dies but the soul is immortal. Some live by this rule, some contradict it as they don’t believe in the soul. Without getting…

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