What Are The Pros Of Yoga Bolster Pillows?

Yoga is a known physical and mental exercise that heals the body and mind altogether through the various poses. Yogi – a yoga follower, finds more comfortable and keep the correct alignment using different yoga props.

The yoga bolster pillow is most popular among the various yoga props. Using this prop is essential for those who like to perform regularly in which their body poses are supported throughout the practice. The bolster is the perfect accessory to practice yoga. This prop will aid even a woman practicing prenatal yoga by supporting the belly. It will also help you advance towards the different poses. This prop will allow yogis to truly relax while still keeping their bodies supported throughout the exercise.

There are two kinds of yoga bolsters that come in standard shapes; round and rectangular yoga bolsters. The usage will depend on the type of yoga poses you intend to perform. The bolster is mostly made of premium silky velvet that provides a soft and skin-friendly feeling. Others are made of eco-friendly materials that give an eco-suede feeling.

In this article, we explore the pros of using yoga bolster pillows.

Pros in using yoga bolster pillows

Yoga props came to be in 1960 – one of these is the incredibly versatile bolster pillow.  It will help gain access to different poses while providing safety and comfort, bringing more benefits to yogis. Here are the pros of using a yoga bolster pillow.

  • Body Poses Support

            A bolster is an ideal support when doing restorative yoga. During the practice, you will have painful experiences while performing different complex poses.  Bolster helps to relieve pain by providing unrivaled support to the body with correct alignment. It also alleviates pressure on body joints – knees and legs, help deepen stretches, and provides ideal stability during the routine. 

  • Relieves Stress and Tension

            Surrender your body and mind completely. When you feel stressed, allow a few minutes of restorative yoga to grant you total body relaxation.  Bolster will stimulate your nervous system to ease your stress and truly relax your tired body to a deeper level. This prop is an orthopedic tool that can alleviate muscle tension that has been accumulated in your body. It helps your tight muscles unfurl. The bolster is much safer than usual pillows as it can prevent sprains and body aches.

  • Enhance Blood Circulation

            Bolster pillow helps to boost blood flow into your body. Putting bolster lengthways behind your back encourages the body to open up to improve local circulation and clean the old stagnant toxins in the body. While elevating a part of your body like legs allow the blood to return to your heart smoothly.

  • Reduces Stiffness and Swelling

Another benefit of bolsters is to help reduce stiffness and swelling. If you’ve been in a position for too long, your body may experience stiffness or swelling. A bolster can quickly relieve this and allow the body to move freely once more.

  • Metabolism Booster

            Using a bolster during yoga practice will help strengthen and a tremendous stimulating effect that helps boost metabolism. It enables the body to warm and energize, which enhances the metabolic function of the body. Pose like backbends supported with bolsters increases the fat-burning capability. The repetition of this kind of pose will lead to improving the loss of weight and burning calories.

  • Promote Good Posture

            Seating on bolster will aid your bones of the lower part of the body into perfect alignment. When the bolster is used under the hips, it will correctly be aligned and relieving your spine. In seated posture, you can take much longer than sitting on the mat. A high-quality bolster provides comfortable and ideal stability during the practice. Thus, it will prevent injury and excess tension while doing asana. While sleeping, the cuddling of bolster will help straighten your back.


Now that you’ve known the pros of a yoga bolster pillow, it’s time for you to get one and start your yoga journey. Perform and experience different yoga postures while preventing injuries and enjoying at the same time. The listed pros are proof that it’s worth having a yoga bolster pillow for your yoga practice.