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Yoga trip to the Land of the Lamas in the High Himalayas

14.08-28.08.2021 2050 € Spiti Valley

The Spiti Valley is a fairy-tale country: mountain slopes in all kinds of colours, eroded mountains, raging rivers, small villages in green pea and barley fields, deep gorges… all this is part of the surreal landscape. Spiti is strongly Buddhist and has about 30 monasteries. During the long winter season, the valley is shrouded in snow and cold.

Spiti is located in the rain shadow and is therefore perfect for visiting during the monsoon season.

When you trek through the high cold mountain desert, you get a great insight into the rich culture and life of the Spiti inhabitants and may be lucky enough to spot some rare animals. (snow leopard, blue sheep, Tibetan wolf). MORE


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