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Yoga for a healthier and fitter body (and you) – in English

by Sarah
04h 51m
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About Course

You feel disconnected from your body and already try for ages to get rid of these extra pounds, but all types of diets and methods you attempted so far never worked? You look for a holistic and wholesome approach to get back to a body with which you feel comfortable and happy? You would like to develop a healthier lifestyle and diet, which incorporates the ancient wisdom of yoga? You are interested in getting back to a balanced state of mind body and spirit? You would like to incorporate yogic movement and breathing techniques to establish to become fitter and more energetic? You are looking for a more peaceful and connected life and are interested in incorporating meditation in your daily routine? 

Then this course, consisting of active yoga practices, energetic breathing exercises, peaceful meditation, and relaxation techniques and some theory around Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle with recipes, is the right choice for you.

Lose weight, become fitter, healthier and more energetic and develop your own Yoga practice, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to find back into your natural balance. 

Some more information on this topic you can find here.

What Will I Learn?

  • establish a healthy relationship with your body through yoga
  • establish healthy eating habits and routines through the wisdom of Ayurveda
  • get to know Asanas, Pranayama techniques, Mantras and Mudras, which will help you to increase your metabolism, lose weight and become more energetic
  • developed a regular yoga and meditation practice
  • learn how to connect with your self and to relax
  • become a happier and more balanced version of yourself
  • learn to enjoy your body
  • gain knowledge of Ayurveda Basics
  • become fitter and healthier

Topics for this course

21 Lessons04h 51m

Welcome and Course Introduction

Course book
Course Introduction00:13:25

Theory Sessions on Ayurveda Basics

Practical Classes and Sessions

Cooking Demonstrations

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • 1 coursebook with theory, Ayurvedic body constitution test and 10 recipes
  • Recorded Videos:
  • 2 active Yoga Sessions (40 min and 90 min)
  • 1 energetic Pranayama Session (25 min)
  • 1 guided Meditation for a peaceful mind (15 min)
  • 1 guided relaxation (25 min)
  • 4 short theory sessions (total 60 min) on "Ayurveda Body Constitution with Self Test", "Introduction to the Kapha Dosha", " Ayurveda Daily Routine", "Ayurveda Nutrition"
  • 9 short cooking demonstrations (total 11 min)


  • be committed to a regular Yoga practice and open to change your diet and lifestyle according to the wisdom of Ayurveda

Target Audience

  • anyone who wants to become happier, fitter and healthier
  • anyone who wants to lose weight in a holistic and wholesome way
  • anyone who wants to establish a regular Yoga and Meditation practice
  • anyone who wants to learn more about Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition
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