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Yoga for a healthier and fitter body (and you) – in English

by Sarah
04h 51m
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About Course

You feel disconnected from your body and already try for ages to get rid of these extra pounds, but all types of diets and methods you attempted so far never worked? You look for a holistic and wholesome approach to get back to a body with which you feel comfortable and happy? You would like to develop a healthier lifestyle and diet, which incorporates the ancient wisdom of yoga? You are interested in getting back to a balanced state of mind body and spirit? You would like to incorporate yogic movement and breathing techniques to establish to become fitter and more energetic? You are looking for a more peaceful and connected life and are interested in incorporating meditation in your daily routine? 

Then this course, consisting of active yoga practices, energetic breathing exercises, peaceful meditation, and relaxation techniques and some theory around Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle with recipes, is the right choice for you.

Lose weight, become fitter, healthier and more energetic and develop your own Yoga practice, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle to find back into your natural balance. 

Some more information on this topic you can find here.

What Will I Learn?

  • establish a healthy relationship with your body through yoga
  • establish healthy eating habits and routines through the wisdom of Ayurveda
  • get to know Asanas, Pranayama techniques, Mantras and Mudras, which will help you to increase your metabolism, lose weight and become more energetic
  • developed a regular yoga and meditation practice
  • learn how to connect with your self and to relax
  • become a happier and more balanced version of yourself
  • learn to enjoy your body
  • gain knowledge of Ayurveda Basics
  • become fitter and healthier

Topics for this course

21 Lessons04h 51m

Welcome and Course Introduction

Course book
Course Introduction00:13:25

Theory Sessions on Ayurveda Basics

Practical Classes and Sessions

Cooking Demonstrations

About the instructors


Yoga Teacher


Sarah had her first intensive contact with yoga during her one year voluntary service in Delhi in 2009/10. In addition to teaching in a school in a slum, she had a private yoga teacher who introduced her to the secrets of traditional Indian yoga. During this time Sarah not only found her own regular practice, but yoga also became an integral part of her life.

When she traveled to India again in 2012, she found her new private yoga teacher in the Indian mountain town of Manali, with whom she completed the snowy winter over an intensive one-month yoga training in Shivananda Yoga.

In the following winter of 2013 she completed her first 200 hours yoga teacher training in Goa with the well-known Asthanga and Hatha yoga teacher Vijay from Universal Yoga.

In autumn 2015 Sarah completed her 300 hour yoga teacher training at the Paramand Yoga Institute in Indore, a city in central India. Here she trained mainly in yoga therapy, traditional hatha yoga and meditation.

She continued to teach yoga in Manali and also offered yoga trips and retreats across India. Whenever she traveled to Germany again, she taught as a guest teacher at various yoga schools.

In 2016 Sarah took part in a ten-day Buddhist silence and meditation seminar at the Tushita Center in Daramshala.

She completed her certification in Thai Yoga Massage in March 2017 in Dharamshala.

In autumn 2017 she took another 300 hours of certified yoga teacher training in Akhanda Yoga style and Kundalini Yoga in an ashram in Rishikesh.

She received her training in singing bowl therapy and mantra meditation in Goa in March 2019 from Shiva Girish.

In January 2020 she finished another 200 hours yoga teacher training in Yin and Ashtanga Yoga with Upaya Yoga in Goa. In the same year she then completed a yoga anatomy training with Dr. Ariele Foster.

In May 2020 she founded her own yoga platform Yoga Maya India with the yoga school "Ganesha's Yoga Shala".

She completed her three-month training as an Ayurveda therapist and Ayurveda lifestyle consultant in February 2021 in Kerala at Ayur Greens.

In 2021 she received her pre- and postnatal yoga teacher certification from Mamata Yoga.

Sarah is now a very experienced 1000 hour certified yoga teacher with her own deep yoga practice. She offers yoga trips and retreats throughout India throughout the year.


Ihren ersten intensiven Kontakt zu Yoga hatte Sarah während ihres einjährigen Freiwilligendienstes in Delhi im Jahr 2009/10. Neben ihrer Lehrtätigkeit in einer Schule in einem Slum, hatte sie einen privaten Yoga Lehrer, der sie in die Geheimnisse des traditionellen indischen Yoga ein wies. Während dieser Zeit fand Sarah nicht nur zu ihrer eigenen regelmäßigen Praxis, sondern Yoga wurde auch zu einem festen Bestandteil in ihrem Leben. Als sie 2012 erneut nach Indien reiste, fand sie in dem indischen Bergort Manali ihren neuen privaten Yoga Lehrer mit dem sie den schneereichen Winter über ein intensives einmonatiges Yoga Training im Shivananda Yoga absolvierte. Im folgendem Winter 2013 schloss sie ihr erste 200 Stunden Yoga-Lehrerausbildung in Goa bei dem bekannten Asthanga und Hatha Yoga Lehrer Vijay von Universal Yoga ab. Im Herbst 2015 absolvierte Sarah ihre 300 Stunden Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung im Paramand Yoga Institut in Indore, einer Stadt in Zentralindien. Hier bildete sie sich vor allem in Yoga Therapie, Traditionellem Hatha Yoga und Meditation aus. Sie unterrichtete weiterhin Yoga in Manali und bot zudem Yoga Reisen und Retreats in ganz Indien an. Wenn immer sie wieder einmal nach Deutschland reiste unterrichtete sie als Gastlehrerin an verschiedenen Yoga Schulen. 2016 nahm Sarah an einem zehntägigen buddhistischen Schweige- und Meditationseminar im Tushita Zentrum in Daramshala teil. Ihre Zertifizierung in Thai Yoga Massage absolvierte sie im März 2017 in Dharamshala. Im Herbst 2017 belegte sie eine weitere 300 Stunden zertifizierte Yoga-Lehrer Ausbildung im Akhanda Yoga Stil und Kundalini Yoga in einem Ashram in Rishikesh. Ihre Ausbildung in Klangschalen Therapie und Mantra Meditation erhielt sie in Goa im März 2019 von Shiva Girish. Im Januar 2020 beendete sie eine weitere 200 Stunden Yoga Lehrer Ausbildung im Yin und Ashtanga Yoga mit Upaya Yoga in Goa. Anschließend absolvierte sie im gleichen Jahr eine Yoga Anatomie Ausbildung bei Dr. Ariele Foster. Im Mai 2020 gründete sie ihre eigene Yoga Plattform Yoga Maya India mit der Yoga Schule „Ganesha’s Yoga Shala“. Ihre dreimonatige Ausbildung zur Ayurveda Therapeutin und zur Ayurveda Lifestyle Konsultantin schloss sie im Februar 2021 in Kerala bei Ayur Greens ab. In 2021 erhielt sie ihre Zertifizierung zur Pre- und Postnatal Yoga Lehrerin von Mamata Yoga. Mittlerweile ist Sarah eine sehr erfahrene 1000 Stunden zertifizierte Yoga Lehrerin mit einer eigenen tiefen Yoga Praxis. Sie bietet Yoga Reisen und Retreats während des gesamten Jahres in ganz Indien an.
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22 Courses

10 students

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Material Includes

  • 1 coursebook with theory, Ayurvedic body constitution test and 10 recipes
  • Recorded Videos:
  • 2 active Yoga Sessions (40 min and 90 min)
  • 1 energetic Pranayama Session (25 min)
  • 1 guided Meditation for a peaceful mind (15 min)
  • 1 guided relaxation (25 min)
  • 4 short theory sessions (total 60 min) on "Ayurveda Body Constitution with Self Test", "Introduction to the Kapha Dosha", " Ayurveda Daily Routine", "Ayurveda Nutrition"
  • 9 short cooking demonstrations (total 11 min)


  • be committed to a regular Yoga practice and open to change your diet and lifestyle according to the wisdom of Ayurveda

Target Audience

  • anyone who wants to become happier, fitter and healthier
  • anyone who wants to lose weight in a holistic and wholesome way
  • anyone who wants to establish a regular Yoga and Meditation practice
  • anyone who wants to learn more about Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition
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