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Yoga Classes for Lower Back Pain

by Sarah

About Course

2 yoga classes I recorded while teaching a private class with a student suffering from Lower Back Pain. Both the classes will focus on strengthening the core, bring stability, improving your posture and releasing tension in the pain area, in case you are suffering from lower back pain. Please be aware, that lower back pain can have different reasons. Make sure to get the ok from your doctor before taking the classes.
One class will be a holistic and complete 90 Minutes class, the other one is 30 Minutes long, suitable to be done every day.

What Will I Learn?

  • strengthen the lower back and the whole core
  • relax the tensed area
  • release pain
  • lengthening tight muscles
  • bringing stability
  • improving posture

Topics for this course

2 Lessons02h

Yoga for the Lower Back Classes

Yoga Class 90 Minutes: Core and Back01:30:54
30 Minutes Lower Back Yoga Class for everyday00:30:16

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Target Audience

  • Everyone who wants to strengthen the core and lower back
  • Everyone with Lower back pain
  • anyone who wants to prevent back pain
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