Happy World Yoga Day

Yoga and Ayurveda with Sarah

I, too, would like to celebrate the International Yoga Day with you on June 21 and have come up with a couple of very special offers:

  1. Free Sun Yoga lesson for World Yoga Day for all levels – in German

In this 67-minute holistic practice, we let the sun shine into our hearts on the day of the summer solstice. Connect with light, energy, warmth and strength while being guided to asanas, pranayama, mantra, meditation and relaxation.

To Yoga class

  • Many more (free) yoga lessons and courses on the yoga course platform of Yoga Maya India

Do you already know them Yoga Maya India course platform ? There are very different yoga lessons for 5 euros each, but also some free offers in English and German, such as chair yoga, advanced yoga and a Yoga and Ayurveda day retreat. The Chakra Yoga course or the 21 day meditation course could also be interesting for you. Have a look

A complete online self-paced course to lose weight healthily through yoga practice and Ayurveda and to build a holistic positive relationship with the body. Now for a short time only 17.85 € / 952 rs

Whether you actually complete this program as a retreat in two weeks, use it as a yoga further education in Ayur-Yoga or treat yourself to this course to have a wide range of yoga lessons, meditations and theory units on Ayurveda and yoga that you can focus on Life can fall back on.

In addition to 14 yoga lessons, 14 meditations, 14 theory units and a live cooking course with Rekha, there are also 14 extras with relaxation exercises and suggestions. This rate is also greatly reduced for a short time (€ 119 instead of € 206).

  • Free private yoga therapy sessions (45 minutes)

At the moment I am continuing my education as a yoga therapist and am happy to apply my newly acquired knowledge. In one-to-one lessons we will tackle your physical and mental complaints together with the help of elements from yoga and Ayurveda. Make an appointment with me for this free offer. The sessions can take place online or offline in Shimla.

  • 1 month yoga course in Shimla

This offer is aimed at everyone who lives in Shimla and would like to experience yoga through a one-month regular practice. Start is June 28, 2021. All levels are welcome. Classes take place in Lower Panthagati.

  • Private yoga lessons via Zoom or in Shimla

I also offer private yoga lessons in Shimla or online via Zoom. If you are interested, contact me and we will make an appointment.

60 minutes: 10 € / 200 rs

A small thank you message to all hard-working donors: