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Electronic Visa for India

The so-called e-tourist visa is available for 30 days, 1 year or 5 years. The 30-day e-visa can be applied for 30 days before departure and costs 25 USD (from April to June even only 10 USD). This visa allows entry twice and can be applied for several times in the year.

The one-year (40 USD) and the five-year visa (80 USD) can be applied for up to 120 days in advance. For both visas, the uninterrupted stay may not exceed 90 days, but you may enter with them several times.

All visas should be applied for no later than 4 days before departure. If you are very short and need your visa within a day or two, you can use this page: get the visa issued more quickly, but at a high surcharge.

The normal Visa fees must be paid after the online application via a payment platform to which one is automatically forwarded. Only then will the visa be processed.

When registering online, you must fill in the application form, upload a copy of the first page of your passport and a passport photo. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry and a return flight is required for presentation. Please select the e-tourist visa as well as the appropriate subcategory. Click here to go directly to the e-Visa form.

Upon arrival at Indian airports, you will need to print the Online Visa (ETA). It must be absolutely “GRANTED” on the ETA. Biometric measurements are carried out and you can easily get the entry stamp in your passport.

Application and more information about the visa on entry can be found here.

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