A world of images

In a world full of images, the only camera you need to bother about is within you.

For things to change, you don’t need different landscapes, you just need new eyes.

In an obsessive, compulsive and popular search for freedom, we entangle ourselves in ever more traps.

Each soul is unique, each ones freedom shall be unique.

One is always fascinated by and attracted towards what one doesn’t have. What about what we already have.

The balance between striving, wanting new things, challenging ourselves and stability, being content, appreciating what we already have.

Only one can decide for oneself, which side of the balance one wants to tilt.

You need to wander, you need to get lost, to find yourselves , a new side of you, the hidden side of you, which was always there , sometime you need to run, keep running, in fear, in darkness, on unknown paths, where you find yourselves all alone, you see a majority who took a totally different path, you sometimes want to, in weak moments get back on that path, but now you have come way too forward, and you are scared, sometimes atleast, you like this path, you love the freedom it brings you, you love the numerous directions you can wander in, it’s not even a path, a path is defined, pre constructed, you are rather in a pasture, a big field. With mountains, deserts, smooth sailings, enjoyable parts, tough and hardship ridden parts, but it’s not a path, coz no one took it ever before, and maybe none will ever take it again, it’s a free trail. And you are scared, you are lonely, coz even though you may want to tell a special few who are close to you about your fears and your challenges and your happiness and what drives you but you can’t, you can’t because it’s difficult to put it in words, and you are really not bothered about anyone else’s perspective , that is why you went on this trail.

It’s the freedom of this free trail that you love, would you want to compromise it for other freedoms which others have and you don’t, each path has its freedoms, it’s the ones that matter to you that you choose.

But don’t be arrogant in your path, don’t be so aloof, be humble be loving, be caring, let others into your world , be proud of it, love your trail, and have people respect it, as you respect it too. People who don’t respect are the ones you dot need around, but you have to respect this life. You have to love it and you love it coz you know it. No one else knows it the way you know it, no one else can love it the way you love it, no one else can respect I the way you respect it. No one else can live it the way you live it. Do justice to it, enjoy this freedom, these freedoms.

The world is full of people trying to impose their views and impressions on other people. Its full of images, impressions, it’s becoming crowded with them increasingly, you need to make sure you take time to keep yourselves independent of these impressions, there is too much information , you need to have your own knowledge. Too many humans, talking, shouting, writing, try to aloof yourselves a bit, try to look into the camera and the mirror that’s inside of you, try to keep it clear, keep it still. Try to clean it regularly of the layers that these impressions leave in it, try to still it in the tumult that these impressions cause on it. It will be difficult, you will get lost in the impressions and someone else’s beliefs and talks, but keep coming back to neutral. Your neutral. Your individual unique neutral. The one that defines who you are, the one that defines you. Respect, love, trust, know your neutral.

Respect, trust, love others’ neutrals as well, although you may not know them so well. The neutral is diffciult to find though. It is often clouded. And it is difficult to find others’ neutral even more. Help them with it, encourage it, but rather than preach about it, live as an example, I don’t want to live like anyone else, but myself.

Don’t be scared of failure, it’s a gift, smile in the face of it and accept it, hug it, embrace it , make it a part of yourself, be proud of it, wear it on proudly, listen to it.

Listen. Always.

Listen to silence most importantly.