Happy World Yoga Day

Lets celebrate with 108 Sun Salutations

I also wanted to be part of the World Yoga Day Celebration, also I am a little isolated in India right now. So I did it: 108 Surya Namaskar. It was harder the expected. Mainly, because I didn’t expect anything. I just went on my mat and startet. But soon I got to realize, that 108 Sun Salutations are really a lot and obviously take a lot of time.

It was a really good practice though and I went through many different stages…. At the beginning I was thinking a lot. Mainly about how to shorten this practice and to just give up. Later one- after 50 Sun Salutations my body started paining. My knees, whenever I touched the ground (my mat is really thin), my wrists and my toes got some blisters. But I kept going. By that time it was just choice less presence. I was not thinking anymore about stopping, actually I was not thinking much anymore, but more in a very deep meditation. The counting was a challenging part as well by the way. I divided the salutations in blocks of 10 and also switched between some different variations of Surya Namaskar…Since left and right side makes on Salutation in classical Hatha Yoga I sometimes really enjoyed the short Surya Namaskar A from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice. The last 8 rounds I did the Surya Namaskar B. And then it was only bliss…. I am sure my body will be quite sour tomorrow. I wish you all a great remaining World Yoga Day… let’s make every day a Yoga Day