A tree

A black hole does not allow any light to escape. So does the retina of the eye. Are the two similar then? Is the smallest and most visible of objects, and the almost never reachable black hole nothing but based on the same principle? Can the solutions to the biggest of mysteries be found in the simplest of things?  Isn’t everything about scale? Relativity says so. Isn’t everything about proportion? How do we stand in the proportion of other things. How do we measure one thing with respect to something else. There is no absolute. There always has to be a relative. The search for the absolute is doomed. Because there will always be another truth. A new updated one. A more real one. No two bodies are the same, the same holds true for minds, flowers, days, And hence there will always be a newer truth on further exploration. Science as is Yoga is all about curiosity, the contemplative practices or the experiment and observation basis of science, or the theory of all quantum mechanics, they are all about curiosity, playing with values, sometimes tangible, sometimes intangible.

Do we always have to move forward, Isn’t going backward too going forward itself. A pause is also forward. Just to stand still, map the journey taken till now, appreciating it and observing the finer details of it, and we realize what we have achieved, the tumult of the present will always hide it. To actually be grateful to the present, we need to pause and reflect, come to a standstill. Stop the thoughts which are continuously creating a disorder and let them subside, and then use MIND , allow it to come forth and take control and we appreciate what a blessing life is.

Prenatal journey … Foetus 18 weeks, by Lennart Nilsson.

There are troubles everywhere, faced with death, of ourselves and our near and close ones, the pain is always there. You cannot run away from pain, it’s just that you get to understand and know it better, and live with it better. Stand in the middle of death, embrace it and then you shall be living. The idea is to stop running I think, especially a race that you know you don’t want to win. And there is no winning, because guess what, there is no absolute, it’s all relative, you would still have someone who you will fall behind, in one way or another. Be calm, do your Karma, spread love, love yourself, most importantly. Be true, to yourself at least, and take time to appreciate this truth. Don’t run, don’t panic, and you will find the answers, the deeper meaning to things, and meaning is everything. You will find continually new meanings as you stay regular with your work, stay regular, give everything time, have the patience of a tree.