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Happy World Yoga Day

Let’s celebrate with 108 Sun Salutations I also wanted to take part in the World Yoga Day celebrations, even though I am a little isolated in India at the moment. So I did it: 108 Surya Namaskar. It was harder than expected. Mainly because I didn’t expect anything. I just went to my mat and started. But soon I…

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Deep Inhale and Exhale completely

Welcome your inhale as you would a lovely and important guest, almost a very powerful guest, be humble in the intake, welcoming the arrival of this extremely critical input to your body. Why I find air to be so powerful is that it is abundant, but so necessary, we take it for granted, each breath , but what if…

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What is an Asana?

How does one define an Asana. I have started struggling with this question. It certainly not is a pose for me anymore. The deeper I delve into my practise the practise becomes more about an innumerable number of transitions, thinking points, co-ordinations, that it simply cannot be defined as pose.

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