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Ayurveda Home Spa

One of the eight branches in Ayurveda is called Rasayana and deals with “rejuvenation”. Of course, the Rasayana applications are not really younger, but may well prolong life or give more quality to life. Tissue is built up and strengthened and in general, more well-being is ensured. In a small personal setting Rasayana treatments may be beneficial applications that…

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Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Kerala

Inquire or book now 15 Days Ayurveda Retreat In the small charming Indian village of Azhiyur, in the north of Kerala, directly on the Arabian Sea, lies our very special Ayurvedic center “Greens Ayurveda”. It’s all about Ayurveda and your health. Ayurveda is a science that, on the basis of the principles of nature, helps us to maintain or restore…

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