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Janine runs her yogaclasses in her physiotherapy practise in Bonn. Hatha Yoga, she teaches since 2014. Besides her inspiring work, she loves the nature, loves plant-based cooking, loves her family and friends, loves to travel, to dance, to laugh, to enjoy life. 
Her yoga path startet early and maybe for western people very unusual. Instead of getting to know asanas, Janine started to love mantra music from the beginning of her early childhood. She loved the relaxation exercises, and guided imagery programs as well. Years later, in her first yogalesson in the age of 18 she began to understand the importance of all the different parts of yoga, such as asanas, relaxation, meditation, pranayama and a lot more.
Her first yoga teacher training, she finished in 2014 in the Sivananda tradition. Until today there are following a lot of workshops and trainings. So she took part in some advanced teacher trainings with Leela Mata and Swami Saradananda about vedic philosophy, yoga therapy and bhakti yoga. She developed a deeper understanding of the science of yoga and thankfully finished the basis modul of sanskrit language at the university of Bonn. 
In 2019 Janine startet to travel to India to go deeper into their cultural aspect with the aim to bring yoga to more western style people.
This is one of the most important parts of Janines work: to bring together the eastern spiritual and philosophic tradition of yoga with the western medicine knowledge. Therefore, Janine studied food and nutrition science and works as a physiotherapist.