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Yoga Anatomy and Alignment Teacher Training Course in the Himalayas

15.05.2021-29.05.2021 1300 € Himalaya Daramshala

Yoga classes in the modern time consist 80-90 % of Asana and 5-10% of Pranayama practice.

Considering our lifestyle in which we spend most of the days sitting in front of computers crouching in unhealthy postures for a long time, an energetic and strong daily Yoga class with an focus on Asanas, will just bring you back in balance. And that is what Yoga is all about: BALANCE.

Of course it is therefore only more important, that the Yoga teacher ha a profound knowledge of Human Anatomy and how to apply the theory in a practical Yoga class through Alignment, cuing and correction.

Due to wrong postures many unnecessarily injuries are happening or do to lack of knowledge, students who already suffer from injuries or diseases hurt themselves even more. Learn in this course how to avoid those mistakes in your class. MORE

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