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Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala during Christmas and New Year

18.12.2021-01.01.2022 1850 € Kerala

Yin Yoga is the ideal complement to our Yang orientated life and helps us getting back in balance.

In Yin Yoga we hold gentle poses for a longer period of time to rather work on our joints, bones, ligaments and fascias and not like in Yang Yoga on our muscles.

Due to the long duration in the poses, we also go not only deep on a physical, but also on a mental level and can therefore do lots of inside work through the Yin Yoga practice.

Yin Yoga is connected to the Chinese Energy system of meridians. In Yin Yoga we work in different meridians and organs to balance the energy flow and release emotional blockages.

We purposely put this Course in the time of Christmas and New Year, so that you can combine the change of the year with lots of inner work with Your Self.

The Last 4 days we will explore some more of Kerala and get some Holiday feeling while staying in beautiful Resorts in the Backwaters and at the beach. MORE

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