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100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

First Half: 09.10.2021- 25.10.2021 Second Half: 25.10.2021- 10.11.2021 1500 € Rajasthan

This 100 h Yoga teacher training is basically one half of our 200 h Yoga teacher training- either the first or the second half. Both 100 h teacher trainings are 17 days long including arrival and departure day.

There can be different reasons to choose a 100 h Yoga teacher training. Maybe you are not able to take entire 5 weeks of for your training and rather to decide to split it in 2 half Trainings. Starting the 2nd Training right were you left the first one. Some students also need more time to take all the knowledge in and are happy for a break between the two modules.

or you are not interested in becoming a yoga teacher, but you would love to dive deeper into your Yoga practice, want to learn more about Yoga Theory and are longing to live in an Ashram to take a retreat. MORE

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